BarMode Type

For bar and histogram plots only. This sets how multiple bar objects are plotted together. In other words, this defines how bars at the same location appear on the plot. If set to 'stack' the bars are stacked on top of one another. If set to 'group', the bars are plotted next to one another, centered around the shared location. If set to 'overlay', the bars are simply plotted over one another, you may need to set the opacity to see this.

Union cases

Union case Description


Full Usage: Group


Full Usage: Overlay


Full Usage: Relative


Full Usage: Stack

Instance members

Instance member Description


Full Usage: this.Convert

Returns: obj
Returns: obj

Static members

Static member Description


Full Usage: BarMode.convert

Returns: BarMode -> obj
Returns: BarMode -> obj


Full Usage: BarMode.toString

Returns: BarMode -> string
Returns: BarMode -> string